Tickets to Homecoming Gala Almost Sold Out

Stocky welcomed Dave Hadfield to the valley on Tuesday, July 31st when the Y2K Spitfire landed at 19 Wing in Comox.  You can watch a quick video of the event here.

Pilot Dave Hadfield flew the Spitfire said it is a wonderful airplane to fly.

“When you talk to the guys who flew it in World War II, guys like Stocky, they have kind of a reverent tone. Sometimes there’s sadness when they think of all the friends that they lost, but talking about the airplane itself, there is a respect and reverence in their voice.

“Now that I’ve flown it, I get that.”

The Gala Banquet on August 8th draws closer and tickets are going quickly.  With only 50 tickets remaining, your opportunity to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime historic event is almost over.  The banquet will be held in #14 Hangar at 19 Wing Comox, the home of 442 Squadron. Our guest of honor will be Wing Commander Stocky Edwards, a WWII veteran.  The Y2K Spitfire aircraft will be in the hangar for viewing, as will a Vampire aircraft which is another aircraft that Stocky flew.