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Terry Chester

Director, Y2K Homecoming Event

Wing Commander (Ret’d) James (Stocky) Edwards, CC, DFC & Bar, DFM, MiD, CD, is a distinguished Canadian who was Canada’s highest scoring ace in the Western Desert Campaign in the Second World War. He followed his wartime service with a distinguished career in the RCAF, has been awarded the Order of Canada and the Croix de Guerre and is a member of Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame. Throughout his life, Stocky has been a strong and active supporter of youth movements, particularly the Royal Canadian Air Cadet program and it is his wish that our young people be encouraged and supported to follow their dreams of a career in aviation, in whatever form that takes. To that end, he endorses the creation of a Legacy Trust Fund that will provide financial support to deserving individuals in pursuit of those goals.

Mission and Vision of the Legacy Trust

To support, assist, promote and further the education of young Canadians in matters relating to aviation, especially those enrolled in Air Cadet programs. 


The Stocky Edwards Legacy Trust is established under Government of Canada and Canada Revenue Agency guidelines and regulations governing charitable organizations. It is administered under a Cooperative Partnership Agreement with the Royal Canadian Air Force Association Trust Fund (Business Number: 887374999 RR0001 Registration Number 0451195-51-10). The RCAFA Trust Fund will provide oversight, auditing, accounting and administrative services for the Legacy Trust and provide reports and services to the Board of Directors of the Legacy Trust as required. Funds deposited with the RCAFA Trust Fund intended for the Legacy Trust will be held in interest-bearing accounts IAW with policies set by that organization.


Where appropriate, the Stocky Edwards Legacy Trust Board of Directors, (the “Board”) may periodically agree to an arrangement involving disbursements of Trust funds but may exercise the right to temporarily discontinue this process of payments at any time. Final decisions as to the awarding of these monies remains the purview of the Board. The payments can include, but may not be limited to:

  1. Local. A one-time sum of $300 awarded to the Air Cadet at 386 (Comox) Air Cadet Squadron who achieves the highest overall academic score in ground school;
  2. Regional. A one-time award of $500 awarded to the Air Cadet who achieves the highest standing in the flying program during the summer program held at 19 Wing Comox;
  3. National. An award of up to $2500 to an Air Cadet in Canada, to be used in the pursuit of a post-secondary school career in an aviation, or any other science, technology, engineering or math-related (STEM) discipline. This award will be made based upon the recommendation of the Air Cadet League of Canada and can be recurring, at the discretion of the Board. There can be more than one of these legacy grants active at any one time. Specific instructions for this grant can be obtained from the Secretary.

Decisions for the grants at (a.) and (b.) will be made by the Board, annually, following the completion of summer training.  An application for a major grant from the Legacy Fund (c.) can be made through the Secretary of the RCAFA Trust Fund, who will coordinate with the Air Cadet League of Canada before forwarding it to the Board.  Amendments to this Trust arrangement will be made by a majority decision of the Board.

Patron of the Stocky Edwards Legacy Trust

Chris A. Hadfield, Colonel, Astronaut (Ret’d).

Board of Directors  2018

Jon Ambler (Col, Ret’d)
Jim Benninger (Col, Ret’d)
Terry Chester (Col, Ret’d)
Ted Gibbon (Col, Ret’d)
Dave Mellin (Hon Col, Ret’d)

Jim Edwards.

Dean Black (LCol, Ret’d). RCAFA.